Boxing and betting

Boxing and betting.

July 7, 2019

  I advise each novice player to pay special attention to such a popular sport like boxing. I will say in advance that it is in boxing bets much more often than in other sports that the so-called “skew” of lines arises. This allows a trained and smart player to get good profits.
What are the main secrets of successful boxing bets?
  To begin with, it should be noted that in boxing there are not so many recognized “stars”, so very often the “star” meets in the ring with an unknown boxer. Just note, I said with the unknown, and not with the bad. It often happens that a boxer is talented and adroit, but little known to a wide audience due to the fact that he has a poor manager. Everyone knows that professional boxing is not only a sport but also a multi-million dollar business, so the role of a manager here is very large. It turns out that a little-known boxer is often underestimated by both the public and professional bookmakers. This, in turn, leads to a significant overestimation of the coef for his victory.
  There is another important point: the United States of America is the center of world boxing. Recently, the situation has changed somewhat and European boxers are more successfully gaining a place “under the sun.” But, despite this, the vast majority of box office fights take place in America. Also, most of the broadcasts are bought by American businessmen, and the majority of boxing bets are made by US players. At the same time, strong European boxers are unknown to the American public. Therefore, I advise you to pay attention to American bookmakers: if the match is between the European and the American boxer, bookmakers from the USA offer extremely high odds for Europeans.
I will give one example – the fight in the heavyweight title for the world champion version (WBC) between Oleg Maskaev and Hasim Rahman, which took place on 12. 08. 2006 in the US Las Vegas. Before the start of the battle, the odds for Maskaev were at 2.5, and at Rakhman – 1.5. It is obvious to a professional expert that Rahman was greatly overestimated in that battle. Why did this happen? Firstly, Rahman is an American boxer. Secondly, the fans still had fresh memories of how in 2001 Rahman knocked out Lewis himself. Thirdly, before the fight, Maskaev had 5 (!) Defeats on his account, which for professional boxing is an indicator of an amateur.
Now I’ll tell you about what the American audience did not pay attention to. First, the victory over Lennox Lewis was a coincidence. Lewis practically did not prepare for the fight with Rakhman and hoped to win “in the class”, but in the end, he missed a crazy blow and was knocked out. After more than six months, Lewis left no chance in a rematch to Rahman, knocking out the American in the fourth round. It turns out that Rakhman received the “star” status undeservedly. Secondly, Maskaev’s defeats were associated with the unprofessional approach of his manager, who selected strong opponents when Oleg was not yet ready for such battles. Thirdly, no one remembered that in 1999 Maskaev had already sent Rakhman to the hardest knockout.
  It turns out that the chances of boxers were at least equal. As a result, Maskaev deservedly defeated the American and sent him to a knockout in the twelfth round.
I advise you to always put on what you know in boxing. Gather all the possible information about boxers. Of particular importance will be the data on which opponents a certain boxer had possible problems in past fights: with lefties, righties, short, tall, punchers, techies, etc. Based on this data, you will determine whether the opponent is a problem boxer or not. No need to focus on statistics alone. Statistics do not give a complete picture. Read the opinions of experts on the strengths and weaknesses of opponents. Do an analysis of the opinions of experts: how they agree and what they differ in.
  I must say right away: you have to sweat a lot to become a professional expert in boxing. But this time will not be wasted: you will not only make good money on your bets but also get satisfaction from watching interesting fights.